About Us

Our clinic is based on the belief that our clients' needs are of the utmost importance. Our whole team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

We offer custom tailoring of medications for each individual, to allow for the entire person to become well.

Available to you by Dr. Anthony Esau, D.C.,N.D. In-house laboratory, medical lab evaluations. EAV Analysis, Homeopathy, Herbals, spinal & extremety manipulations.

Chery Esau, R.N. offering Colonics, Reiki Therapy & Classes. Diet & Lifestyle assist. Nurse's Natural Choice soap, lotion, & salts to heal by. Made in Chery's kitchen.

Feel free to call Marlene and schedule in for your journey to wellness today.


10420 NE Sandy Blvd.

Portland, OR 97220


Mon - Thurs: 9AM - 4:45PM

Fri., Sat., Sun., Closed except for emergencys

tel: 503 252 4358 fx: 503 253 7765